Reymomar Sur


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Reymomar sur s.l It is one of the most important groups of ship repair in Spain and sale of engines and spare parts. With more than 40 years of experience in the sector, both in the Cantabrian Sea and in the Canary Islands. Our group brings together more than 700 professionals who strive to offer the best service to our clients..



Mr. Hermida and Mr. Louro, our founding Presidents, created HYFHERMANOS in La Coruña-Spain.Hyfhermanos was a ship repair shop, which at that time had 7 employees and (engineers) and great expectations
142/5000 Aware of the continuous growth in the demand for new services, galcar, a repair shop and electrical installations, were founded..
In order to guarantee the supply of parts and material, a fundamental requirement on an island, the company reymomar sur is created in the Canary Islands.
With the acquisition of Reymomar Sur, the Group founded Maritima Galcar and became one of the main groups for ship repair and sales of Engines and spare parts in Spain with branches in Argentina, Turkia, Croatia, Greece, Portugal and expanding borders thanks to our customers..


• Teamwork: promoting teamwork as the only way to achieve our goals.
•Orientation to results: we set goals and commit to achieving them.
•Proactivity: we know the business and we make things happen.
•Quality: we develop projects based on our knowledge and our quality certification systems.
•Environmental awareness: sustainability and environmental conservation as an integrating axis of processes.
•Safety at work: we guarantee the maximum conditions of safety at work for our team and provide continuous training and a zero risk policy.
•We continuously improve through innovation and training
We are recognized worldwide for our sales of engines and spare parts, also specialized in ship repair, being able to carry out high-tech projects.